CBCID full form

CBCID stands for Crime Branch Criminal Investigation Department. The CBCID is a specialized investigative wing of police forces in several Indian states. It focuses on investigating complex, serious, and high-profile criminal cases. Here’s what you need to know about the CBCID:

  • Specialized Expertise: CBCID officers receive training in areas such as forensic science, financial crime investigations, and cybercrime. They tackle cases that require advanced skills and resources beyond the scope of local police stations.
  • Wide-Ranging Investigations: The CBCID may handle cases encompassing murder, terrorism, organized crime, kidnapping, counterfeiting, and other major offenses.
  • State-Level Jurisdiction: Each state typically has its own CBCID, though their specific structure and branches might vary.

Understanding CBCID in Context

Context will help you determine the correct meaning of CBCID. Here’s how to know for sure:

  • Focus on India: If the article or news report discusses crime or police activity within India, CBCID undoubtedly refers to the Crime Branch Criminal Investigation Department.
  • Medical Context: If CBCID is mentioned within healthcare or research settings, the Canadian Breast Cancer Identification Database might be the relevant meaning.

Other Possible Full Forms

In rarer cases, CBCID could have the following meanings:

  • Canadian Breast Cancer Identification Database (Medical)
  • Central Bureau of Criminal Identification and Detection (Historical)

CBCID Full Form in Hindi

CBCID का प्राथमिक अर्थ “अपराध शाखा अपराध जांच विभाग (Crime Branch Criminal Investigation Department)” है। यह भारत के कई राज्यों के पुलिस बलों की एक विशेष जांच शाखा है जो जटिल, गंभीर और हाई-प्रोफाइल आपराधिक मामलों की जांच करती है।