NHI full form

NHI stands for National Health Insurance.

National Health Insurance (NHI) is a system designed to provide quality healthcare to everyone, regardless of their ability to pay. It aims to make healthcare more affordable and accessible for all citizens.

Key Information Sections

NHI’s Mission-

To ensure that all citizens have access to necessary healthcare services, based on their health needs, not their income level.

About NHI- 

  • NHI works like a giant health insurance plan for the entire country.
  • It’s funded through taxes and special contributions.
  • NHI aims to address the high costs and unequal access to private healthcare.

Why Consider NHI?

  • Affordability: Healthcare costs are covered by the NHI fund, not directly by patients.
  • Access: Everyone receives the care they need, regardless of employment or income.
  • Quality: Aims to provide a consistent standard of care to everyone.
  • Reduces Financial Strain: Eliminates out-of-pocket costs that can lead to medical debt.

How Does NHI Work?

  • Funding: Taxes and special contributions are collected into a central NHI fund.
  • Coverage: This fund pays for healthcare services for everyone.

No Fees at Clinics-

No direct payment needed when you visit a doctor or hospital.